Frequently Asked Questions

Our preparations are taken during or after a meal.

People who have any pharmacological therapy should consult their physician or pharmacist before taking any preparation from the AlivitPharm line.

It is recommended to take the preparations continuously for 3 months, in order to achieve the desired result.

Our preparations have unwanted effects when applied inappropriately. Use is limited in pregnancy, breastfeeding, in people who have some pharmacological therapy. Pay special attention to patients taking oral anticoagulants and antihypertensives. Before the scheduled operation, it is necessary to stop using these preparations. Special caution is required in patients with renal and hepatic insufficiency.

The age limit for use depends on the preparation.

Yes, AlivitPharm preparations are completely safe for use by people suffering from diabetes.

It is recommended to take the preparations every day at the same time.

The use of our preparations is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.

All preparations from the AlivitPharm line are multi-component, and when using two or more preparations from the mentioned line, it is advised to consult an expert, in order to consider the safety of such application.

We advise that all our products are used exactly as recommended. There is a possibility of overdose when you use the product incorrectly and for a longer time than recommended.

They are recommended not to be combined with alcohol. Special caution is needed in people who have any liver damage.

Already after using the first bottle, with regular use, you can feel the first signs of improvement, but again to note that for the full effect, you need to take our products for a longer period of time, at least three months.

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