Carum carvi L. – Apiaceae


Caraway is a plant species that grows in Asia, but also in Europe and North Africa. It is grown in Siberia, the Caucasus, Mongolia and Morocco. The medicinal part of the plant is the dried fruit.

Caraway seeds contain 2-7% essential oil, the main components of which are the ketone carvone and the hydrocarbon d-limonene. Apart from the essential oil, caraway seeds also contain flavonoid heterosides, coumarins, proteins and carbohydrates.


The oil extract of the caraway fruit in our preparation Black Garlic Digestive has the role of an antispasmodic (relaxes the smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal tract), a carminative (neutralizes gases), acts as an anti-microbial (prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi) and as an antioxidant (neutralizes free radicals).


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