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The mission of AlivitPharm company is to preserve the natural synergy of plants that protect and strengthen our immunity.

The goal of AlivitPharm products is to prevent and protect our health in a natural way.

AlivitPharm products in specially formulated compositions, through the power of fermented garlic, enriched with extracts of medicinal plants that have been used for centuries in folk and traditional medicine, as well as various vitamin and mineral supplements, provide us with extremely effective beneficial effects on various types of health problems.

Garlic Field

A Symbol Of Health And Longevity

Respect and attitude towards Herzegovinian garlic, expressed through the unique products of the brand Miris Hercegovine, now brings us a completely new dimension and degree of processing of domestic garlic. By applying the most modern technologies, we have enabled the extraction of essential contents from fresh and fermented garlic. Modern optimized technology of fermentation, lyophilization and extraction contributes to obtaining high-quality raw material of fermented (black) garlic. Over 200 studies and scientific research papers have confirmed the positive effects of black garlic on human health. The well-known effect of fresh garlic on the body, now thanks to the process of strictly controlled fermentation, allows us to take over 10 times more antioxidants into our body without irritating the stomach and unpleasant odor after consumption.
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