Chromium belongs to the group of essential trace minerals (microminerals). In the body, it occurs in an inorganic form, in the cell nucleus, and in the form of an active organic compound, a trivalent molecule, called Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF) or chromodulin. Chromium helps glucose metabolism, regulates insulin levels and maintains healthy levels of cholesterol and other fats in the blood.

By regulating the action of insulin, chromium maintains blood sugar levels, and thus, most likely, affects appetite control. Without the presence of GTF chromium, insulin is completely ineffective, so its lack in the diet can be the cause of diabetes and atherosclerosis in the elderly. Foods that are a rich source of chromium are: baker’s yeast, whole grains, broccoli, plums, mushrooms, beer.


Chromium is poorly absorbed in the body, so it appears in supplements in combination with some other compound that is easier to absorb (vitamins, or in the form of amino acid chelates, where the mineral is chemically bound to an amino acid).

Daily intake of chromium in prescribed daily doses can provide the following effects:
• Lowering the level of sugar, triglycerides, cholesterol and fat in general;
• Increasing the efficiency of insulin;
• Reducing the risk of diabetes mellitus (diabetes mellitus);
• Addition to existing diabetes therapy with classic drugs and insulin, prescribed by a doctor;
• Controlling hunger and reducing appetite in obesity;
• Reducing the risk of cataracts;
• Preventing high blood pressure and maintaining the health of the cardiovascular system;
• Increase in lean muscle mass (without fat depots) and definition;
• Increase in energy and endurance;

Chromium is an irreplaceable ingredient of fat burners and is included in the program of every modern diet. In addition to helping insulin metabolize fat and glucose, chromium promotes the conversion of protein into muscle mass and sugar into energy. It provides larger amounts of sugar for energy production, which increases the level of energy and endurance many times over, and at the same time emphasizes lean muscle mass, which achieves the effect of the so-called muscular definition. That is why it is a favorite dietary supplement of all athletes.


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