Case Study: Aterostop

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A man, PP (56 years old), was diagnosed with arterial hypertension 5 years ago, he was introduced to the therapy of a new generation ACE inhibitor, perindopril in a dose of 10 mg, with the doctor drawing his attention to the fact that if the dose of 10 mg is a lot, that is, if his blood pressure is very low, he can cut the tablet in half and drink 5 mg every morning.

The patient started his therapy, however, due to stress at work and in the family, and with this therapy, his blood pressure was still elevated, so he decided to visit the doctor again.

After the second visit, in addition to perindopril at 10 mg, the cardiologist includes amlodipine at a dose of 10 mg, to be taken in the evening while controlling blood pressure, if he is not well, it is necessary to contact him again. In addition to antihypertensives, the doctor advises him to take bromazepam in a dose of 3 mg in the evening, if he cannot sleep, but only when necessary, not every day. After the new introduced therapy, the man feels much better, he does not have the headache he had before.

He recently watched a program on TV that talked about the importance of lipids in the development of heart disease, so he decided to go to a nearby laboratory and have his cholesterol and triglycerides analyzed. He is a smoker, occasionally drinks 2-3 alcoholic drinks, but nothing excessive, and he has a positive family history of coronary heart disease.

The results of his analysis looked like this:

Results of biochemical analyses:

Total cholesterol 7,8 mmol/L
HDL-cholesterol 1.9 mmol/L
LDL-cholesterol 4,5 mmol/L
Triglycerides 2 mmol/L

Reference values:

Total cholesterol less than 5.2 mmol/L
HDL-cholesterol m: more than 1.45 mmol/L; f: more than 1.68 mmol/L
LDL-holesterol less than 2.59 mmol/L
Triglycerides less than 1.70 mmol/L

His fasting glucose level was fine.
When he got the lab report, he was very scared and decided to make an appointment with his cardiologist right away.
The doctor prescribes the drug rosuvastatin in a dose of 20 mg, to take one tablet at night before going to bed, advises him to try not to consume alcohol and cigarettes, and to introduce moderate physical activity every day and to watch his food.
After a month and a half of the prescribed therapy for hyperlipidemia (increased fat in the blood), he decided to repeat the findings, however the findings were a little better, but again all the parameters were outside the reference values, although in addition to the introduced therapy, he also changed his lifestyle, even lost 3 kg.

The patient, all annoyed, because the therapy did not give him the effect he expected, goes to the pharmacy, hoping to find a suitable preparation and to get some more advice from the pharmacist that will be of great help to him.
He told his problem to the young pharmacist, who was very willing to listen to him and had a great desire to help him. He said that he is drinking everything from therapy and that this form of treatment did not give him the desired effect, and he wants to try something natural. There, he receives some advice, that he must check his liver transaminases (liver enzymes) because he drinks rosuvastatin 20mg, which is a drug that burdens the liver, and in the event that these parameters are disturbed, it is necessary to reduce the dose of the drug or stop using it completely, but this is decided solely by the doctor, and she advised him to take the Black garlic Aterostop product, based on fermented garlic, red and white hawthorn, sedum and lemon balm, to take it 3×1 capsule, after meals, but for at least three months continuously, however, the first effect of the therapy can be expected in a month and a half, and then he should repeat his biochemical analyses.

In addition to hyperlipidemia (increased levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood), the man also suffers from hypertension (high blood pressure), so he is an ideal patient for the Black garlic Aterostop preparation, because this product, in addition to lowering the level of fat in the blood, also helps regulate blood pressure. , and also prevents the onset of atherosclerosis (disease of large blood vessels).

They mentioned in the pharmacy that he must not exclude the therapy prescribed by the doctor, but he must control his blood pressure, because there is a possibility that he will have to reduce the dose of antihypertensives (medications against high blood pressure).

A month and a half after using the Black garlic Aterostop product, he made his findings and was satisfied with the effect of the therapy, all parameters were within reference value.

Results of biochemical analyses:

Total cholesterol 3,45 mmol/L
HDL-cholesterol 1.45 mmol/L
LDL-cholesterol 1,83 mmol/L
Triglycerides 1,08 mmol/L

Reference values:

Total cholesterol  less than 5,2 mmol/L
HDL-  m: more than 1.45 mmol/L; f: more than 1.68 mmol/L
LDL-holesterol less than 2.59 mmol/L
Triglycerides less than 1.70 mmol/L

He went to his doctor, then rosuvastatin was excluded from his therapy, and the cardiologist advised him to continue drinking the herbal preparation he had been using until now. The patient boasted to the doctor that he had reduced the dose of the morning medicine for high blood pressure, since the beginning of the therapy with the Black garlic Aterostop product.

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